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2007年9月11日 (火)

UREI 1122 Phono Amp Mod.

Late 先日Audio Unlimitedに上げましたが フォノイコのUREI 1122をちょっとMODしました。
シグナルパスの電解コンデンサー6個をBlackGateの無極性のものに交換というものですが。一個1000円ちょっとしますがこのシリーズはいままで使ってみて結果が良かったので今回も迷わず? 笑 使いました。


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投稿: Nary | 2007年9月12日 (水) 08時35分


投稿: vin | 2007年9月12日 (水) 12時32分

I have UREI 1122 and want to upgrade.
What capacitors are upgraded? C1 C2 C??
What new or different values? .1=.2
What Brand? Mallory, Jansen, Sprague?


投稿: John Horn | 2012年1月19日 (木) 08時32分

Hi I used Black Gate for upgrade for electrical Caps. and Film capS Upgraded to Dynamicap. all value was the same AS ORIGINAL.
I would recommend if you change the cap, Just change one cap and listen the difference of sound carefully then go on step by step. upgrades job is easy but need spend a lot of time to get the best for you. probably need to use a couple of different caps on the same place and compare the sound then listen and listen. it is labor of love.
hope you could get good sound. enjoy!
One more thing I leaned from This Job was, It is better to use same parts at least 200 hours after replacing parts. some good parts make sound so very good but I had to wait to hear that sound two month after replacement. Also if you are using good caps,Rectifier caps and bypass caps may be able to be reduced it's value to get better sound. This is my humble opinion.
Hope this helps.

投稿: vin | 2012年1月19日 (木) 18時03分



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